Occupational Accident

shutterstock_156401282Occupational Accident Insurance offers both medical coverage and indemnity (lost wage type coverage) for work related accidents.

Many independent truck drivers do not carry workers compensation coverage, yet they need protect themselves, their families and their livelihood in the event of an injury. Occupational Accident Insurance is not Workers Comp coverage, but can provide protection for the driver that will allow that driver to pay bills during the recovery process, pay for medical treatment and get back to work.

At Fleet Risk Management, Inc., our Occupational Accident Insurance is designed expressly for truckers and may be written individually, or for fleet policies covering hundreds of owner operators. Since trucking insurance is the only market in which we work, our agents possess a keen knowledge of the risks involved with various operations. In most cases, our coverage pays benefits for accidental death or dismemberment, accident-related medical costs, short-term disability, and continuous disability.

With Occupational Accident Insurance, truck drivers will have confidence that their health-related and economic requirements are going to be met when an insured accident occurs. With regard to a fleet plan, our coverage helps contain expenses while providing a competitive edge which enables you to recruit and retain good drivers. Give us a call or fill out the quote request form to learn more.