Small Fleet

Defined here as less than 10 power units, the “small fleet” segment of the trucking industry accounts for over 90% of the carriers operating in the country today; 90%! It is crucial to understand however, that even though this segment is the largest, it is also the most likely to be “underserved” or poorly represented in the handling of insurance coverage.

Often, the coverage on fleets this size is handled by a local agent, friend, or an acquaintance that sells insurance, but is not exclusively focused on trucking which, in our opinion, is a recipe for disaster. Trucking is highly regulated, highly competitive and highly technical in the placement and management of insurance coverage. Without an exclusive focus on the trucking industry, there are a multitude of mistakes and oversights that can be made in your insurance program that can take your company down, never to be heard from again. Don’t make that mistake. Call us or email today to discuss your specific situation, your business, with one of our experienced team.